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The Jaguar Path

Workshop Descriptions

Yoga and the Sensual Body

A workshop on devotional relationship and sensual practices.
This is a 5 hour workshop with 2.5 hours of lecture/ discussion an 2.5 hours partner yoga.

This is a workshop in which with affection, humor, and a little courage we can unveil the differences between men and women. We will explore the feminine and masculine energy within each one of us, as well as the polarity these energies create in our intimate relationships. The main purpose of this workshop is to hopefully release ourselves from unnecessary inhibitions that keep our love from expanding our consciousness and flowering our hearts wide open to each other and to God.
Sourcing from Hindu mythology we will visit the beginning of the world, when Shiva and Shakti met and feel what kind of a world we can create with our intimate partner. We will talk about the “modern yogin” way of being in a devotional relationship as well as worshiping practices in intimate moments.

Yoga and the Luminous Body

This is a workshop in which we will explore a Vinyasa Yoga practice along with shamanic principals. Through shamanic eyes we will see how yoga practice assist the somatic release of stagnated energies.Both Yogis and shamans alike understand that traumatic experiences are stored in the body. Using shamanic techniques for freeing energy, accelerates our yoga practice and brings us in a deeper level of healing.

Mind–Body–Soul In this exploration we will heal and empower all three perceptual states. We will strengthen our body through asana, expand our mind through lecture and liberate our soul through soul retrieval.

Mind—The Chakra System We will explore the chakras as the endocrine system. We will learn about the glands, what they are, how they are connected to the nervous system and how they dictate our interaction with the world.

Body-Yoga Asana Ray will share the shaman’s view of energy and how it shifts and clears through yoga Asana. He will provide knowledge, information, and instruction on teaching as well as on personal practice.

Soul-Shamanic Journeys We will journey into a soul retrieval. This is a profound experience of self-discovery in the world of our emotions and soul, an empowering journey of transformation. By recovering old contracts, we clear ourselves of reoccurring patterns and events that hold us back in life—allowing new space for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Discovering the Shaman Within

I traveled to Peru hoping to meet shamans to assist my healing process and to learn from them. In my travels I discovered their culture, mythology, and shamanic ceremonies. I found a world of healing beyond my highest expectations and was given tools to work with, as well as the gift of experiencing a healed state of being.

In this workshop I will share with you a few of these gifts. We will explore a yoga practice through the shamanic view of moving energy, and savasana as a portal to lead us into soul retrieval.

In order for us to heal and evolve, we must tend to all three perceptual states. Weaving the yogic practices with shamanic techniques offers a path to the center of the medicine wheel, a place of personal worth and power, and a healed state of being.

Booking a Workshop at your Studio

Ray is booking workshops beginning this spring. Please contact workshops.crist@gmail to schedule a date for an upcoming workshop.

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Peru Expedition

Join Ray in this Spiritual Odyssey through the Sacred Valley, to meet the shamans and practice Yoga in Macchu Picchu.

Sacred Valley—Macchu Picchu  May 2–9, 2015
Jungle—Amazon  May 9–12, 2015

Yoga Classes

At Kripalu June, July, and August:
Vigorous Vinyasa Flow
Thursdays and Saturdays at 12:00 pm
R&R workshop "Yoga and Shamanism" Saturdays at 9:00–10:30 am

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