Shamanism is a term used to describe “energy medicine” around the world. Shamans are individuals within a tribe, village or region who assist people in their community with matters of health that may be physical, psychological or pertain to the larger questions of life. Shamans have played the role of, and been called, storytellers, wise men/women, psychics, herbalists, mediums, midwifes and consultants.

The word “shamanism” originates from the Siberian Tungusic language. It means “to know.” He/she who knows, “sees.”’ What the shaman sees and knows about is the Matrix of energy. How it functions and how it determines our reality.

Shamans differ from place to place as far as what their practice consists of; Depending upon the region and lineage they come from, a Shaman’s tools, ways, and actual range of healing ability vary.

Shamanism was found throughout history and the world prior to what we know as Western Medicine; Spread throughout Europe before the Spanish Inquisition, throughout the Americas before the Conquistadors, throughout Russia and Siberia before the Communist regime , and throughout China in the Taoist monasteries before Mao Tse Tung.

More than ever people are coming into an understanding of the mind-body–soul reality. We are coming into a personal relationship with nature and God, without the fear of being persecuted, put to the stake, or being exiled from the community.

Shamanism is now being revived throughout the world.
With the open-mindedness that is coming forth through a multitude of practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and preventive and alternative medicines (herbalism, acupuncture,Reiki etc.).

Shamans are healers who intervene at the level of the luminous sphere and the chakras. Shamanism can be referred to as “energy work". A Shaman is a “seer" who locates stagnated energy and crystallized forms in the luminous sphere which contribute to stress and poor health. A Shaman can remove the imprints from a chakra which create repetitive dysfunctional circumstances in the glands, which can result in disease. 

A Shaman also assists clients to see their life circumstances and patterns in new ways. The healing takes place on both the mental and energetic plane. In contrast to other energy modalities, the Shaman does not bring his/her energy into the person's field. The Shaman removes blocks and assists the flow of energy in the luminous sphere of the person he/she is working with.